Free Competitor Analysis Tool

A strong SEO strategy is essential to help them stand out in search engine results and reach their target audience.

To create an effective SEO strategy, you need to understand not only your own website, but also the competitors.

This is where our Competitor Analysis tool comes in.

Using Our Free Competitor Analysis Tool

Free Competitor Analysis Tool

Follow these steps on our FREE competitor analysis tool to get detailed insights into your rivals:

Enter the Target Website: In the URL section, type or paste the URL of the competitor’s website that you want to analyze. After entering the URL, click the ‘submit’ button.

Specify Keywords: In the subsequent steps, you need to specify the keyword for which you want to check your rival’s ranking. This helps you understand their performance for specific search terms.

Select the Country: Choose the country or location for which you want to check your competitor’s dominance in the search results. Different regions may have different search results, so this step allows you to tailor your analysis.

Click ‘Test’: After specifying the keyword and selecting the country, click the ‘test’ button. The tool will start analyzing the SERPs for the provided information.

Detailed Report: In just a few seconds, you will receive a detailed report. This report will contain valuable information about your competitor’s SERP positions, page authority, domain authority, backlinks, and do-follow links from similar competitors on the SERP.

Download Report: You can also choose to download the report for future reference or to compare it against other competitors. This is particularly useful for tracking changes in your competitor’s SEO performance over time.

By following these steps, you can easily gather essential data about your competitors’ online presence, helping you refine your own SEO strategy and stay competitive in the search engine rankings.

Don’t be limited to the results of this single tool, our resource page has multiple other competitor analysis tools that you can use to get a deeper insight into your rivals’ SEO Efforts!

Importance of Competitor Analysis for SEO

One key feature of the Competitor Analysis tool is the ability to analyze your competitors’ domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA).

DA and PA are metrics developed by Moz that measure the relative strength of a website’s backlink profile and the authority of individual pages, respectively.

By comparing your own website’s DA and PA to those of your competitors, you can identify areas where you need to improve your backlink strategy and develop a plan to address these gaps.

For example, if a competitor has a higher domain authority, businesses can examine their backlink strategy and make changes to improve their own backlink profile.

In short, our free Competitor Analysis tool is an essential tool for individuals that want to improve their SEO efforts and attract more organic traffic to their website.

With this tool, you can gain a competitive advantage in search engine results and take the right steps to reach your target audience with greater ease.

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