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Content Dominance SEO Topical Map Service follows a granular approach to keyword research, clustering related terms into topics that are more meaningful, and easier to navigate.

Unlock the Power of Targeted SEO with Our Topical Authority Map Service

One of the biggest challenges most website owners face is writing content that will both engage their target audience and increase SERP visibility. Now imagine being able to do both of those things with a single strategy.

At Content Dominance, we are the Go-To experts when it comes to SEO Content Strategy!

With our Topical Map Service, you will identify and target the most important Entities & keywords in your industry, giving you the competitive edge to drive more traffic, boost SEO performance and increase your website’s ranking.

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Creating Topical Maps for SEO

With a focus on keyword research, we'll arrange the popular search phrases in your industry into a Topical Map based on semantic relevance, allowing you to better understand your Niche SEO landscape. Think of it as a map of all the most important keywords, entities and topics that are critical to your website's success.

The Process

How It Works

In-Depth Research

A comprehensive research to discover profitable keywords that will drive valuable traffic to your website, as well as identifying the top-performing content and competitors in your niche.

Tailored Strategy

Using the insights gained from the research phase, we follow a customized SEO strategy to target the most valuable Entities and topics for your business.

Creating a Topical Map

Our team analyzes the information gathered, grouping related concepts into clusters - all while taking your website’s hierarchy and structure into consideration.

Actionable Insights

The final deliverable is a comprehensive topical authority map report, providing a clear understanding of the Entities, topics and keywords that will prove most beneficial for your business.

Actionable SEO Content Strategy Roadmap

At our Agency, we strive to surpass expectations through a one-of-a-kind Actionable SEO Topical Map Service.

Topical map for SEO template
1. Brainstorm Seed Keyword
2. Perform Competitor Analysis
3. Study Niche and Search Intent
4. Identify Content Gap

Mind Map Topical Overview Concept

Consequently, our innovative mapping technology helps you stay up-to-date with the best topics in your niche.

Dominace Content Topical Map SEO Service
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SEO Content Strategy

Our comprehensive solution gives you the power to map out content that is both relevant and authoritative. Let us uncover the most profitable keywords within your industry, craft compelling headlines, and deliver an actionable content strategy that is sure to increase your search engine visibility.

The final report is what will allow you to create content that is tailored to the exact needs of your target audience, ensuring maximum visibility for your website.

Here are just a few Perks of our PREMIUM SEO Topical Map Package!

✔. Keyword Research Report:

Uncover valuable keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your business niche or industry, segmented by Search-Intent!

✔. Content Outlines:

Take advantage of our detailed content outlines that provide a structured framework for your content creation process.

✔. Topic Mapping:

A comprehensive Hierarchical map of Entities, topics, and subtopics related to your website to be used in content organization.

✔. SEO Optimization Guidelines:

Receive detailed Suggestions and best practices to optimize your website’s structure and content.

✔. Content Gap Analysis:

We identify gaps in your existing content and provide recommendations to improve keyword coverage.

✔. SEO-Optimized Titles:

Let us help you in crafting powerful, SEO-optimized headlines for your content that are sure to Dominate the SERPs.

✔. On-Page Recommendations:

Specific recommendations to enhance on-page elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and Internal-Linking.

✔. Competitive Analysis Report:

We analyze your competitors’ On-Page SEO strategies and provide insights into potential opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

✔. LSI Keywords:

Additional search phrases that are semantically related to your primary keywords, enhancing your content relevancy!

Content Dominance Topical Map SEO Pricing

If you're looking for a Comprehensive, Affordable, and Results-Driven SEO solution, then our Topical Authority Map Service is Perfect for you.


Starter Package
$700 $499
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • Silo Keyword Clusters
  • Actionable SEO Content Strategy Roadmap
  • Your Best Industry Keywords and Priority Level
  • 30+ Personalized Industry SEO Titles
  • Topic Mapping
  • Long-Tail Keywords Dedicated Headlines
  • Internal-Linking Suggestions
  • Content Outlines
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page SEO Recommendations
  • Easy to Digest Data Reports
  • 7 Days Delivery

The perfect On-Page Strategy to dominate the SERPs!

Industry/Niche Research

At Content Dominance, we don’t just randomly walk into any project. Rather, our Experts take their time to fully understand your specific Niche. That is why we start by researching competitors’ websites, analyzing popular keywords, and identifying the industry trends that could best benefit you. All of these vital elements come together to form a solid foundation for your SEO Content strategy.

Keyword Mapping

With a clear understanding of your business, we can now create a hierarchical map of Topics. Our team organizes keywords into related clusters and categorizes them by their search intent (transactional, informational, commercial, Navigational). This enables us to find the most important search terms for your business that will help create content specifically suited for your targeted audience.

SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions

Crafting bespoke SEO titles and meta descriptions is an essential step in optimizing your web content for search engines. Not only do we select the right keywords to include in these headings and descriptions, but also use words that will captivate users’ attention on SERPs, thus amplifying your reach. We ensure each title accurately depicts its corresponding content, so you can generate more clicks, and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

LSI Keywords

As a part of our comprehensive content strategy roadmap, we conduct Latent Semantic Analysis to find other related search terms (LSI Keywords) that are more likely to appear on the same webpage. This helps us ensure your SEO-friendly content does not contain a single instance of keyword stuffing and will help search engines easily understand the context behind them, driving even higher rankings for each individual page.

We're Experts in On-Page Optimization

We provide a wide range of On-Page SEO features and capabilities that are sure to propel your Content Strategy to the Next Level!

Organic Traffic Growth

Easily optimize your web content for search engines and ensure that it is as targeted and relevant as possible. 


With Content Dominance On-Page Audit services, you’ll be able to quickly identify areas where you can improve your content strategy, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Plus, we also provide you with actionable insights into how your site is performing, allowing you to continuously refine and optimize it for maximum visibility.


You can never go wrong when you’re guided by our expert SEO content strategists, who have experience in defining and executing successful SEO campaigns!

We Deliver Results

As a Content Writing Agency that specializes in search engine optimization, our team of experts has helped countless websites get noticed, and we can do the same for you!

Optimizing Content for SEO

By utilizing our expertise, you can create content that is precisely tailored to the needs of your target audience, and is optimized for SEO.

Monitoring Trending Topics

Our SEO Topical Map service also helps to monitor changes and trends in topic relevance, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.


What Our Clients had to Say

Did a fantastic job!
From the very beginning, their team impressed me with their deep knowledge of SEO and content marketing strategies. They took the time to understand my business, industry, and target audience, which allowed them to create a customized content plan that aligned perfectly with my goals.
Adam Berkovich

Content Marketing Specialist

Highly Recommend!
Their expertise in keyword research and topic mapping was evident in the thoroughness of the content they produced. Every piece of content they delivered was not only well-written and engaging but also strategically optimized for search engines. They helped me uncover valuable keywords and topics that I hadn't considered before, giving me a competitive edge in my industry!
Andrei Walker

Business Owner

Extremely satisfied!
One aspect that sets Content Dominance apart is their commitment to quality. They went above and beyond to ensure that every piece of content they produced for me was of the highest standard. Their attention to detail, grammar, and overall readability was exceptional, and it reflected positively on my brand. Thankyou!
Marty Wright


Couldn't Be Happier!
Throughout the process, the team at Content Dominance was responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They provided regular updates on the progress of my content campaigns and were always available to address any questions or concerns I had. Thanks to them, my websites' organic traffic has seen a significant boost, and I have witnessed a substantial improvement in my search engine rankings.
Stephen Eigner

Lead Gen Expert

Top Benefits of a Topical Map for SEO

  1. Content Relevance and Depth: A topical map allows niche website owners to ensure they cover all relevant topics within their specific niche. This not only helps in creating comprehensive and in-depth content but also improves the chances of ranking higher on search engines.

  2. Identifying Content Gaps: By mapping out the topics related to a particular niche, website owners can easily identify gaps in their content that they may not have realized existed. Filling these gaps can help improve the site’s SEO and provide a more complete resource for visitors.

  3. Improved User Experience: A well-structured topical map can guide the website’s architecture, making it easier for users to navigate and find the information they’re looking for. This can enhance the user experience, which is a key factor in SEO.

  4. Long-Tail Keywords Opportunity: Niche websites often benefit from targeting long-tail keywords, which are more specific and less competitive. A topical map can help identify these long-tail keyword opportunities within the niche.

  5. Competitive Edge: In niche markets, the competition can be fierce. Having a comprehensive topical map that fully covers the niche topic can provide a competitive advantage by offering more value to the users and satisfying their informational needs better.

Get your own Copywriters with our SEO Writing Agency

We offer you a comprehensive keyword research and clustering service, allowing you to target the right topics.

But what if you don’t have a team of experienced web writers at your disposal?

By now, we’ve established that content is an essential part of any successful website or blog. The good news is that our primary service is content writing, allowing you access to a pool of seasoned web writers that can help create the perfect content for you.


 Remember, with each topic suggested, accompanying content that resonates with your readers must be created.


We go the extra mile to help you develop content that speaks to your target customers, while also boosting your website’s visibility. This involves pinpointing the correct industry topics and creating SEO headlines designed to capture their attention.

SEO Content writing service
Topical Map SEO Service

At Content Dominance, our SEO Topical Map service is designed to help you attain a greater grasp of your niche and make your website more visible on the web.

Service Type: SEO Content Strategy

Price: $499 - $899

Currency: (USD)


Most frequent questions and answers

A topical map for SEO is a hierarchical organization of content that maximizes semantic relevance by grouping topics, subtopics, and Entities in a logical and meaningful way. 


Not only will this structure help organize and shape the content on your website, but it can also serve to show Google that you are a True expert in your field – ensuring you’re easily discoverable online, and that you remain relevant to the target audience as well.

A topical map for SEO is a hierarchical organization of content that maximizes semantic relevance by grouping topics, subtopics, and Entities in a logical and meaningful way. 


Not only will this structure help organize and shape the content on your website, but it can also serve to show Google that you are a True expert in your field – ensuring you’re easily discoverable online, and that you remain relevant to the target audience as well.

A topical map for SEO is a hierarchical organization of content that maximizes semantic relevance by grouping topics, subtopics, and Entities in a logical and meaningful way. 


Not only will this structure help organize and shape the content on your website, but it can also serve to show Google that you are a True expert in your field – ensuring you’re easily discoverable online, and that you remain relevant to the target audience as well.

This is a single word or phrase that lays down the foundation for your keyword research. When developing a topical map, seed keywords are leveraged to detect supplemental subtopics, long-tail keywords and associated terms that should be included in the material.


This can help strengthen the semantic relevancy of your content, enhancing its likelihood to rank higher on search results for both target keyword and related phrases.

It helps to create a content strategy that is optimized for both readers and search engines, as well as monitor changes and trends in topics for maximum visibility.

Having an SEO optimization strategy ensures that your site is seen by the right people and is visible in the right places. This means more readers, better engagement, and higher search engine rankings.

To get started, we will require a seed keyword that you want to use as a basis for your content. From there, our Topical Map service performs an in-depth analysis of the keyword and generates an organized map of related topics, making it easier for you to craft content that is relevant to your industry.

The length of time will depend on the size and scope of the project. Generally, we aim to deliver a comprehensive list of topics within 1-2 weeks.

This largely depends on the size of your website. We can provide you with topics for multiple Entities, or silo-specific topics if required. However, each report is capped at a maximum of 10 topic clusters.

No problem! Our Topical Map service is complemented by our SEO writing agency, which has a team of experienced writers stand-by, ready to tackle your content needs.

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