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Write For Us -Web Content Writers Needed

If you’re a freelance web writer, you need to build an impressive content writing portfolio. And which better way to do it than through Content Dominance?

Write For Us

What makes our agency unique is that we help connect writers with reputable local and international brands. We also have some of the best content writing opportunities that you should take advantage of.

How to Sign Up

Start with providing us with a working email and at least 2 links to your published work. We will follow up with a short test before you can be a part of our team.

Once your application goes through and you’re selected, Content Dominance becomes the writer’s talent agent responsible for negotiating the best rate for the proposed project.

Receiving Work From Content Dominance

  1. An editor contacts you to establish if you can take on the client’s position.


  2. You’re provided with information on the pay rate, job descriptions and requirements, details about the company…


  3. Once you confirm receipt of the project, you’ll receive multiple assignments to choose from and their deadlines.


  4. Write and complete the content on time.


  5. If you receive revision requests, fulfill them and submit them again to the editor.


  6. Once your content is accepted, you’ll receive an email to indicate the same.

How And When You'll Receive Payment

Writers get paid every two weeks on Monday through PayPal.

The only rule is that your profile name and other details you used during sign-up, must match those on the PayPal account.

Additionally, you’ll be required to have a fully verified PayPal account.

So, Are You Interested?

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pay rates vary depending on how well you’re rated in our systems, your writing quality, and how complex the project is. The minimum rate is $2 per 100 words for junior writers, and up to $10/ 100 words for expert writers. 


We typically start our newly hired writers at a rate of $2.00 – $5.00 per 100 words. As earlier mentioned, all invoices are paid every two weeks on Monday regardless of how much you’ve earned throughout the week.

No. Once you’ve been paid , you can’t use the copy in any way. Even including it in your portfolio, will be a violation of our terms of service.

At Content Dominance, we only work with native English speakers. So it doesn’t matter where you’re located, provided English is your first language.

You are only assigned topics you are an expert in.

No. We don’t require any fees or payment from writers. Our onboarding process is based purely on qualifications and merits.

We Accept:

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